The Sonax Carwash started it’s operation in 1999 based on the quality and technological innovations of the German Sonax. All of the Sonax Carwashers (which are manual which means that they operating only with human resources) have to pass several very strick quality tests so as to ensure the highest standards in our carwasher. We provide the highest quality of services which could be evidenced by our satisfied returning clientele. Our carwashers situated in the garages of malls according to our customers needs to spend their spare time usefully. A very important aspect of us to provide an added value all of the malls where we operating. The Sonax Carwashers are not only caring about the quality of service and the quality of endeavour but the quality of the costumer satisfaction as well. At the areas of the carwashers we installed several traffic technology solutions to be conducive to avoid traffic jams. Clearness is a main issue for us from the beginning. Our designers applied several static solutions which could guarantee the best hygiene and the modern hazardous waste management. Our washers are exactly the same in every mall. Our customers could be easily get some information about the waiting time from the main garage entrance. Safety is very important as well at the areas of the washers the camera and the alarm system are always in operation.