At our carwashers only skilled professionals work. Before they’re joining to our team they had to participate in further trainings where they could acquire the quality and technical requirements. Through this process we could set up a very high standard of work and everybody could embrace the mentality of the company.

Our services offer the broadest solution for our customers to keep their cars clean and to preserve the state of the cars.

Five years ago our services extended with a full service tire facility so our guests could get a more complex package.Our shops are running in a franchise system that is why we have the same services at the same prices everywhere. Various traffic control equipments are helping our customers from the main entrance for example highly visible LED indicators or the LED waiting time signs to find the way and to get all the information.

Information captions:

  • It is not possible to have an appointment in advance. The cars are serviced according to arrivals.
  • Please get your cars until 8 pm.
  • Prices includes VAT.
  • Our clients leave their vehicles in our shop only at their own risk.
  • The power polishing and full wet upholstery cleaning can be ordered by PERSONAL registration.
  • We works only with PROFESSIONAL SONAX products.

  • Team of The Sonax Carwash

    Our tyre service partners:

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